Multiplex investment in Dallas area

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I am considering investing in a Six Plex or more in Dallas Tx area,my budget is upto 1 million.What would be some areas I can focus on with great cash flow deals.

@Kumar Gaurav I would look at the submarkets of Dallas (Forney, Little Elm,etc.) rather than “in” Dallas. That market is pretty tight. I would say do a 10-15 mile radius on a map and go from there. It’s still a great emerging market in the outer areas. Good luck!

@Kumar Gaurav be aware that you won't likely get as great of an opportunity once you go commercial (5+ units) and really going commercial only makes sense at a certain point - and 6 units is still not enough. 

The other question is your budget liquid cash or is this going to be financed? If liquid cash I would look into leveraging that cash for a much higher budget. 

Location ultimately depends on what your goals are: appreciation, cash flow, proximity, etc. It's all relative to what your investment or personal goals are. 

@Kenneth McKeown

Appreciation factor generally tends to be speculative so my goals are cash flow and proximity to where I live I currently own a triplex in my current place with a 30 year conventional mortgage and I am planning to sell it off and buy a multiplex so it won't be liquid cash.

@Kumar Gaurav ,

I really think that you got some great advice from @Christy Keeton about looking for properties in the outskirts of Dallas more than just in "Dallas Proper".  You may find nicer properties on the outskirts. 

I have family from Denton to Burleson and even though those areas may be WAY too far away from what you are doing, there are a lot of places in between that are great investments.

Good luck!