Good ways to find investors

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A lot depends on your experience and knowledge of the business. You could start with friends and family, networking at REI meetups and events.

I have two answers depending on if you are looking for a lot of money or the less money necessary to get started.

I am going to start with the person looking for money to get started as most people looking for a lot of money should not be asking this question.

For a small amount of money, it is important that you are a safe investment. This either requires a track record or a good deal. Assuming you have managed that, the cheapest route is private money. Friends and family. What if your friends/family do not have the resources? Make new friends. You may think this is sarcastic but there are meet ups that specialize in private money. They know what is required to create a relationship that qualifies for private money. Typically the private money will be cheaper than HML.

As for raising lots of money, read up about syndicates.

Good luck