What to do with commercial/industrial property?

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I have a property that used to be a tool and die shop and is now being leased as two halves of a 30,000 sq. ft. building.

The first half is being leased by an Ebay retail arbitrage business that was in both sides but is struggling and reduced to just half at lease renewal. 

I'm looking for ideas for the second half, ~15,000 sq. ft. 

The building is heated and has a loading dock as well as large roll up doors that almost any vehicle can fit in.

Any ideas are appreciated.

You could convert to retail storage, high end car storage, industrial co working open space for aritist, sculptors, tardes contractors, brewery, distillery, etc

@Greg Dickerson I like that co working space idea. I have some artist friends that are always talking about stuff like that. I'll definitely explore that option.

@Scott Mac I had thought of doing that before the Ebay guy moved in. I wanted a gym for my own use and thought it would be great to open one. However, most people I know that have a hobby they turned into a job didn't go well.