Coaching/Mentoring with apartment building

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If an experience real estate investor had an opportunity to meet another real estate investor with minimal experience (let’s say he read a bunch of books of investing in real estate and purchased one duplex) would you coach/mentor that person in the whole process of a real estate deal he came across.

Yes 100%. For me personally when I'm around people who are hustling I'm automatically more motivated and get inspired by them. And when you're new to investing the more help you have the better. As someone who started out not having many contacts (but ended up growing a serious book collection), I know how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed and contract a severe case of analysis paralysis. Every deal has a story and something learned that can be shared with others at all stages of their investment journey. I've acquired 8 units so far, I have details of them on my profile if you want to take a look. Reach out anytime and I'd love to share experiences. 

Thank you @Amber Forkey for your reply.

I should’ve included a second part to that question. What if, the experience that the new investor gained over time by educating himself gave him the ability to find deals in apartment buildings but still never physically experienced it and one day he decides to connect with the type of people that could make this project come together, like a general contractor, property management, real estate attorney, real estate broker, CPA, and a private lender but know in the middle of the loan application he lacks having a track record. Can he ask an experienced real estate investor to guide him through the process? Not sure if some private lenders would allow that.