Fund raising for commerical deal

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Dear all, Hope all is well. We found a really good commercial deal in TX and need some help to raise capital. The first-year cash-on-cash return is around 8.23%. This property has a single tenant and approximately 7-year absolute NNN lease left with 2% annual increases. Any suggestions or tips on how to raise capital, please share. Thank you in advance.

Start with your friends and family, go to every single networking event in your town, try to find a partner that’s already experienced in raising money 

So once you add debt service and/or return to investors that number is much lower.  Additionally, unless the lease has already been paid in full or escrow.....there are no absolutes as far as payments go

Friends, family, anyone in your network first.

We're in the middle of a raise right now and Linkedin has been a great tool to network and find prospective partners. 

Just be aware of all the SEC guidelines in terms of who can invest and who cannot.