Foreclosure Foul-Up

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Couple returns from trip to discover their fully paid house has been mistakenly foreclosed

Mel and Harriet (last names withheld) from Coconut Creek, Florida returned home after a trip up to New York and saw something alarming – their locks had been changed, the power had been turned off, and items were missing. It turns out someone had broken into their house. But it wasn’t any common thief, as WPLG Local 10 News reports.

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Well, not exactly "foreclosed on", a service co. went to the wrong address. They probably wouldn't have complained if a pool company mistakenly put on a new pool for them while they were gone. Sloppy, yes. It makes good headlines though I guess. Somebody gonna get bill for this!

I've seen a few stories like this in the past, here's one where the homeowner forecloses on bank branch.

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