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I have a potential deal I would like input on. I had noticed your discussion in another forum and thought I would invite you to share any and all insight you might have for me.

6 properties selling at around 25K a piece all with an 18%CAP. Homes were bought from the bank for around 18K- 20K a piece, and seller is looking to basically wholesale the houses for a quick profit.

The idea is to buy them with HML, do the minimal maintenance and repairs required to get them in shape, sell 4 of the 6 properties for around 1.5 times the purchase price, keep and rent the remaining 2.

If there is still money owed on the HML, then I will create a note on 1 of the remaining house and sell the note to pay the HML.

[email protected] K (6 houses)

[email protected] K (selling 4 of the 6 after repairs)

if a balance remains,

[email protected] (value of remaining 2 house after repairs)

[email protected] (a year in rental income including taxes, insurance, home warranty)

Create a note on one of the properties and sell it to cover the remaining balance of the HML

=Hopefully passive income and a good amount of equity.

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After doing the repairs shy not put tenants in the 4 you are going to sell and hire a management company. Then sell them as turnkey rentals? I would think you would get a slightly higher sale price and you collect rent while waiting for he sale to close.

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