DIY PreForeclosure List

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I was buying a list for $5 from a land title company that had a great amount of detail in the report. About 250 names or so.

I called recently and they told me the lady who does it no longer works there anymore. I asked for her new contact info but they didn't know it. From the local facebook page it seems like shes running for "recorder of deeds" this election.

So I have been trying to piece together a preforeclosure list myself and I am coming up short quite a few names.

From the local paper there seems to be listings only in the area, however other cities have different names and locations. Does each city list the local lenders NOD?

Its a lot of leg work, and im asking if im missing something obvious? The only thing I can think of is that the recorder of deeds has "the master list" and then the cities just run their local NOD's.

Gosh...for five bucks it was nice.

Thanks in advance for the replies.

-Eddie Martinez

Dang, thats a nice deal! Wish I could find that. I wouldn't be surprised if it just happend to be one of those circumstances where it worked out for you in your local jurisdiction. 

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