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I am in the process of buying a multifamily house on a decent block of Newark, NJ, however across the street from subject property is a burned out 3 family home that is an eyesore and also opportunity. I would also like to acquire the burned out house but am having some trouble tracking down the owners. 

So far I found the the name of the person who purchased the home in 20007, however the house was then sold at sheriffs auction in 2011 and there is no registered owner. I have hit a wall in trying to locate a current owner.

 @Ibrahim Hughes  and other Newark New Jersey property owners, any suggestions on what my next step might be?

Steve. The Essex County Recorder should have a deed recorded showing who owns the property.  Also, the essex co. Sheriff should be able to give you this info as well (973) 621-4114

But I'd start with the Recorders office. Located on mlk blvd. Are you sure the property actually sold in 2011? Or was it just scheduled to be sold? I ask because a lot of foreclosures were canceled around that time due to the robo signing mess. Many of the foreclosures were restarted.

I'm watching a couple homes that have been sitting idle in foreclosure for over five years. I would think that if it did sell, something (workwise) would've started by now.

Have you tried this website? Its the NJ Assessment Records Search website and might save you a trip to the Recorders Office.

It's likely if the new owner is not listed then the house was newly acquired and the info not updated here yet.

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