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Hello, can anyone advise me on what would be the best way to obtain a foreclosure list? for my area?  Thank you in advance.


The best way? go to your local courthouse or to the courthouse in any area you are interested in and obtain the notices of default, for free.

Is there someplace else where you can obtain a full pre-foreclosure list, as the courthouse provides a partial list, only...isn't that correct?  Thanks Ron!

We use property radar. Costs $50 a month but allows unlimited access throughout all of Cali for foreclosures. 

Are you looking for houses that are in default, but have not gone to auction yet?  My title company has this for $5 a week, and essentially everything listed as a short sale falls in this category. 

Property Radar sounds like it may be worth looking into.  

Thanks to each of you for your feedback...much appreciated!

Originally posted by @Sean OToole :

@Ron Scribner actually the courthouse isn't involved in the foreclosure process in CA. You can view foreclosure notices (notice of default, notice of trustee sale) for free at the county recorders office. Come prepared to write down the information though, because if you want copies of the documents the recorder typically charges $3-10 each.

@Neomi Riley  you can get every notice at the county recorder, the problem is that it doesn't tell you the current status of each foreclosure. As foreclosures in CA can be legally postponed for up to one year, you'd need to get every notice going back a full year to get a complete list of everything currently "in" foreclosure.

@Gideon Sylvan  title companies used to provide foreclosure lists in CA, but it became problematic for them to do that with the passage of Senate Bill 133, so they don't do it anymore. Even outside of CA, those lists are just a list of notices, and don't include the status updates (postponements, cancellations, sales) - so you can waste a lot of time on properties that aren't even foreclosure anymore by using them.

@John Slater  thank you for your business!

I didn't say the courthouse is involved however, the notices of default are still posted at the courthouse and yes, posted at recorders office as well. Considering the sales are cried at the courthouse, it would make sense why they are posted there.

@Ron S.  there is no legal requirement to post the notices at the courthouse (see CA Civil Code 2924f). It used to be a common practice a decade ago, but while I haven't checked recently, I'd be very surprised if it were still happening at most courthouses today. Even a decade ago it was a completely unreliable source as other bidders and or homeowners commonly tore notices down they didn't want others to know about. If you want them for free go to the recorders office - it is the only reliable, and complete, source.

Also, most sales in CA are no longer cried at the courthouse. It got so busy at the peak that most of the large counties passed ordinances forbidding public auctions at the county courthouse. Still common in some smaller counties, but now rare at the large counties.

Again...never said there was. Not sure what your objective is here with the banter but, It is happening at most court houses. In fact, every court house I've been to in the last 25 years it's still happening. Surprise. No one made any mention of weather its reliable or not. Its the same thing at the recorders office as it is at the courthouse. It's no more reliable or complete and its no more less reliable or complete. It's a foreclosure notice, plain and simple. If you want reliable and complete, get the notice from the recorder's office since that seems to be your favorite place and call the trustee's office for updates and confirmation of time and place for sale.

Your mistaken Sean. they ARE cried at courthouse steps. Again, not sure what your objective is in your efforts to invalidate my statements but, your wrong. I go to two or three sales per month in California. I am a bidder or the foreclosing entity on sales, cried at the courthouse steps probably a half dozen times per month so, you can opine all you want but you are factually incorrect. Do they have to be? No. Are they? Yes. Are they done auction style at non courthouse locales? yes. Now you try to further delineate that maybe at small counties they do but large counties they don't? I'd prefer to be done with this but if you want to try and rip this one apart as well, have at it.

Just a note for those outside of California that you need to check your state laws to find out how foreclosure notices occur.  In Wyoming for example there two kinds of foreclosures one by a lawsuit and another by publication.  Both are auctioned on the courthouse steps, but one you find out about first through the Clerk of District court, and the other by notice in the newspaper.  None are actually posted at the courthouse, although a records check would show the filing if you were diligent in your search.  In bigger states there are probably several reporting companies whose service you can purchase.

    I do not know how common the method told by @Ron S. and @Sean OToole are in other states.

@Ron S.  You are absolutely correct. This entire discussion has been about CA, and even then just non-judicial foreclosures. There are some judicial foreclosures in CA, and those are handled through the court - though still recorded at the county recorder, as is true throughout the nation.

I use Property Radar everyday, very useful, saves time.., staff is very helpful. there a free trial I give it  thumbs up! 

I can provide you with a list of fireclosures if you are still interested. I professionally research properties in trouble, so I can help.

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