The bank or a investor. who is it is the question.

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Good day everyone, I really would love to know the answer to this question. I recently put a bid in on a bank owned foreclosure property for 52.900 the property was listed on the mls for 70,000. The next day my realtor said that someone had countered me with there bid of 63,000. Ok my question is how do I know if this is another investor I am bidding against for this property or is it the bank that is counter offering me to get as close as they can to he asking price. I really would love to know, or is there any way to tell or am I out of luck. Thank you in advance for a response. Deurward

What is your max offering price?  If it is truly $52,900 then don't offer a penny more. 

The seller should be the only one that can counter your offer.  If the Realtor did tell you the offer amount of another investor's offer that would kind of be against their code of ethics.

Thanks for the response chad and jeff but based on you guys answer, I still don't know if

I am bidding against another investor or am I going up against the bank. Again, how do I know?

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