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Hello BP,

So I'm currently trying to invest in Broward County, FL and I've been knocking on doors and trying to get in front of people as much as I can. I been working with my friends who are newbies as well and we've been going after people who are facing foreclosure in the next couple 60-90 days. We got our information from the Elite Legacy training and we want to be able to give options and help these people who are facing this challenge. Are there any investors in the south Florida region that can provide some information regarding how the process should be done? My exit strategies were to initially wholesale but if not then fix and flip or hold. My form of finances was to get a hard money loan and private money. Thank you for any insight regarding this.

I follow all of the tax auctions both online and on the court house steps. I am starting to hate auctions driving up the price. I started buying Lands Available post auction over the counter from the tax deed office for base tax with no competition. Duval has 600 properties you can buy otc, post auction. Certificate holders who live elsewhere are forfeiting to Lands Available all the time because they know an investor will buy it otc and he/she  will get their money back plus 18%. You will not know unless you are watching post auction Lands Available lists on purpose and consistently because still has the property status as,"SOLD" or " CERT HOLDER" Those statuses do not always stick especially with exclusively online only auctions.. the investor cert holder out of area just wants the %18 so they let it go to Lands Available very often

There is usually a reason why those properties go to lands available with county. They probably not worth the opening bid price or have tons of liens attached to them that survive the tax deed and don't get wiped out. 

@Joe Mclain with Duval County you have to go get it or order it by mail $1 a page. PM me for address and contact to get it. BP won't let me post that.  Duval has about 600 properties on it still. We bought 2 excellent properties from that list. It will be my go to from now on...Duval has about 30 residential zip codes and online only tax deed auctions contribute largely to increase in Lands Available properties. 

@Jose Rueda

The list is called lands available but it includes houses,  vacant land and some multis...not just land, it is post tax deed auction, not foreclosure auction.

@Roman M We are about to turn 7600.00 into 60k from buying off that list. A vacant lot in a great place. No tenants or toilets. We also bought 2.56 acres in a growing area with 2 small homes and an MH with 528 ft frontage for 49k on the main road and Amazon is building. I have marketed to commercial industry and got 2 hits a large chain convenience store wants it. It will be a gold mine. I am willing to weed through 90 % crap to find the gems. If a property is still homestead they add half assessed value to price if the cert holder doesnt come up with all the $ homestead properties go to lands available lists. Online ONLY auctions with world wide access have larger lands available lists because the Investor in Japan just wants his 18% not a property to manage from afar. Duval has 30 residential zip codes..and online only tax deed auction Thus contributing to about 600 properties still on Lands Available.