Auction Purchase / Proving Ownership

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I purchased a foreclosure in Atlanta a little over a week ago. We are trying to get the water turned on, but the City of Atlanta will not accept the Certificate of Sale/Receipt from the auction company. They have informed me they need a Warranty Deed or a Quit Claim Deed. I have confirmed with the auction Attorney we will not be receiving the Warranty Deed until the 2nd week in December at the earliest. Do anyone have any suggestions or have you had to deal with a similar situation?

May sound a little unorthodox, but when I was working for builders/developers we would work in many new properties that didn't have water. So what they would do is they would ask a neighbor to run a line. In exchange for them running a line over, they would pay the neighbor's water bill that month. Perhaps this could be a workaround.

Thanks Dave! I was thinking about asking the neighbor, I just didn't think about paying the bill for a month. Thinking about it this would be the best way to get the water.

We would pull the meter and make up a jumper , just dont get caught , the city frowns upon thisĀ 

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