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I have a question for anyone who buys properties from Do you trust title report that's provided by Is their title report accurate? Or do you check title report on your own? if you your're checking title on your own then what is the best and easiest way to do it?  

The information that auction.bomb provides is "for information purposes only" and cannot be relied upon. You have no relationship with the title searcher they hired to conduct that search and cannot pursue them for damages if anything turns out to be inaccurate. Verify everything independently.

However, the answer to your question depends on whether you are bidding on foreclosures or on REO properties. The latter are intended to be conveyed free and clear.

If you are bidding on a foreclosure, do all your own research. I think it's safe to assume that only favorable information will be provided by the auction company.

thx @Tom Gimer . refer REO as bank owned properties. I was chatting on live chat with customer service representative on and I asked if I will get a clear title on bank owned properties. I've been told that on bank owned properties doesn't mean you'll get a clear title. You still have to do a title search on your own.

What is the best and easiest way to do a title search? 

@Viktor Bokun You'll want to check the auction Terms and Conditions regarding the type of deed the seller will execute plus the proposed Sales Contract regarding title defects and how they are dealt with.

Sometimes this particular auction company will only convey via special warranty deed if you use their title company! Otherwise they convey by quitclaim. That is a greedy and shady practice if you ask me.

One way to deal with foreclosures and bank owned is to find a good local title company to conduct title searches for you. Yes, you will incur an expense for every property, but if you develop a relationship you can get a bulk rate. Also, if you do purchase the property, the search has already been completed. The title company can quickly update the search and close.

@Tom Gimer what about county records? would they provide an accurate title information?

@Viktor Bokun County land records, tax records, court records, BK filings, perhaps more databases depending on your jurisdiction.

@Tom Gimer are all of this databases will have just as accurate title information as local title company? or title company is more trustworthy? 

Yes the info Tom just stated will be used by the title companies to do the search. I am sure they also have their own other tools they use as well. They will do the work for you and it's probably more trusty worthy. Ive always done my own searches just using the public records from the county and Tax accessor. Only reason I don't use a title company is because of the expense associated with it. For a big purchase price it will probably be better.

Tom ... do you how how to check for IRS liens ? Or would those be filed on the county clerk as well ?

Good luck with your purchase from I just closed on a house with them last week. I went through there title company, Servicelink, and closed in about 3 weeks pushing 4. So that was a good experience despite the negative reviews people have on here of them. I received a special warranty deed. So I'm pleased. Hopefully everything going forward is good as well once I sell.

@Maugno M. State and Federal tax liens are typically recorded among the land records like judgments and other liens.

@Viktor Bokun Title companies search all the relevant databases. The same information is available to the public... but you have to understand local laws, how all the elements work and how it all fits together.

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