Title Search must include Bankruptcy Search

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Account Closed Whether or not someone is currently in BK can be determined for free through PACER. If you want to see PDFs of specific pleadings you pay $0.10 per page... that's what any bills would be for.

If you want to promote your title search business legitimately on this site, spend the money to get a pro account or buy advertising.

I’ve used pacer....even when viewing pdf’s for a .10/page fee (gee, how expensive!) if your quarterly bill doesn’t exceed something like $10 (mine never did) there is no charge.

I love the "shock and awe" titles or snippets in posts that scare someone into using their services. Typical with today's politics are those that use half truths to create a stampede.

For the one in a million BK's that get filed the same day of the foreclosure sale, the lender is gonna rescind it anyway when the trustee/attorney does find out about the BK. All trustees/attorneys do a "date down" just before sale to see who those last minute filers are. Yeah, it happens but it doesn't happen without everyone knowing about it when it does happen. Paying someone to let them know what someone else is going to let them know for free, shortly after the event, is a waste of money in my opinion.