Getting a preforeclosure, and getting replies.

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Hello Folks

I read Lance Youngs ebook on real estate investing. In it he says the best way of getting preforeclosures is to go to the person directly. I have heard from other places that it is not such a good idea. So i decided to send mails out but have not gotten any replies. How do you guys get people to answer back to your offers?

Also at what stage do you start sending out mails. I usually see the notices in the newspaper, but usually homes show up in them 2 weeks before the auction at most. There has to be a way to get to people before other investors can. Any ideas?

Awaiting your replies.

Foreclosure notices in one way or another will be posted at the local courthouse.

Your best bet is to do mailouts and contacting them face to face. Face to face might be more intimidating (and you will get a lot more rejection) but getting belly button to belly button with any possible seller is going to give you your best results.