Notice of Default Letter Sample for Texas

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To make a VERY long and convoluted story short, I am searching for examples of Notice of Default Letter I can send someone that is way behind on a 1st lien position Home Equity Note my S-Corp owns. Because it is a 1st lien home equity note our company has to go through the judicial foreclosure process in Texas even though the house is paid off. I will be hiring a attorney to conduct this foreclosure process but there are not many that I have found handle this in the Austin, Texas area. 

I really need to get the ball rolling on this because of some really bad legal advice from an attorney early on with this property. I found out the previous attorney really didn't know what he was talking about and just sat on it for a few years. Anyway, that is all part of the VERY long story I'm sparing everyone.

Also, if anyone has any examples of letters of exceleration I can send out for Texas that would be greatly appreciated. 

There are tons of firms that do judicial foreclosures in Texas. Are you wanting a sample just for your education or are you planning on using the form to start the process? I would just engage a reputable attorney and let them do the job they are skilled in doing or, engage a loan servicer that is licensed in Texas, and let them use their counsel to accelerate. You are potentially subject to not only state but federal rules and my two cent opinion would be to let them handle it from start to finish.