Talking to banks for properties and listings

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My name is James I  am wholesale investor , just passed my real estate license exam. I have experience with short sales and foreclosures. I normally brought any property that needed to be shortsaled or foreclosed to my broker and list it . Now as an agent with everything going on it the pandemic , Foreclosure is going to be a gold rush . As a new agent how do I get or find bank asset managers to give me some o their properties to list .

@James Santana The “gold rush” of coming foreclosures I believe is a bit delusional and has been over hyped by many, “hoping” for such an event.  You don’t have all the factors you had in 2008 with plummeting prices, what people are in trouble will likely not be upside down and simply be able to just sell their houses on the open market.  That aside, there are a Ton of agents/brokers with prior experience and connections who handled all the reo’s 10 years ago...many more than will be needed.  I’d pursue other sources of business.

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