The Top 10 reasons the Wealthy Invest in Real Estate

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💥Real estate has been a staple in many of the wealthiest portfolios for decades and it's considered a great option for alternative investments & growing wealth. Real Estate is a limited commodity that has a proven track record of lucrative returns, the offer of diversification, and resilience to economic recessions, especially cash flowing properties. One may hold a number of real estate assets from land to single family homes, multifamily, storage and more.

👉 One type of asset structure that is often over looked, is real estate syndication, specifically for large multifamily apartments, raw land development and self-storage facilities. Being a good real estate operator takes lots of time, education, and networking. You also have to learn to either love or out source the property management piece of it. Not every investor has the time or desire to search and underwrite hundreds of properties to find the hidden gems to acquire. By getting involved with trusted real estate syndication partners, others can gain access to deal flow and the ability to invest in high quality real estate assets without the hassles of property management.

👀 Here are the top 10 reasons why real estate syndication is a great passive investment vehicle.

1) Diversification

2) Access To Large Investment Opportunities

3) Ability To Invest Completely Passively

4) Tax Deferred Status

5) Forced Appreciation

6) Risk Reduction

7) Economies of Scale

8) Consistent Returns & Historically Less Volatility Than Stock Market

9) Leverage

10) Great Inflation Hedge

💪I'll be taking a deep dive into each one of these reasons separately. Look out for my next posts!

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Great list, @Jorge Abreu . The secret to Warren Buffett’s success is spotting undervalued companies. There are far more opportunities to acquire undervalued real estate than stocks.  And partnering with a commercial operator that has an expert acquisition team is the best way I know to do that. It’s an “unfair advantage” for smart syndication investors.