Property in Elmira or Ithaca New York

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As with others, I recommend Steve Hoffman. He helped me with two evictions, several purchases, and made recommendations for other attorneys in a contractor dispute (his office doesn't litigate). Super responsive and awesome.

I got word from both attorneys today.

Steve Hoffman (Moore and Woodhouse) is actively doing evictions in the Elmira area. He agreed to help me handle my eviction.
Rachel Miller (Aswad and Ingraham) will do evictions in both Ithaca and Elmira, but since she is Binghamton based will charge a travel fee (her hourly) if she has to travel to court. She said that if she can appear virtually in the court, then a travel fee doesnt apply, but youd have to call your local court.

I used Denton law offices in sept. Unfortunately I'll use him again in jan and march :( I wont go into details as I don't want to encourage any bad behavior. 

Its a tough time to be a LL in NY.