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BP Family,

I love the BP podcasts but can anyone recommend some good podcasts that focus on commercial and/or multi-family & apartments? Thanks in advance. 

Hi Lance,

I did two of them on apartments and NNN retail investing on BP.

The shows went an hour and I only covered about 10% of material due to time constraints.

What specific questions did you have and I will try to answer.

Hey @Joel Owens  

More than specific questions I was looking to find something to listen to in the car. Since, I have your attention...

1. What areas in commercial have you found to be the most profitable? (Guess, that's bit of a loaded question haha).

2. If you have owned duplexes to apartments with 20+ units...have you found it exponentially more difficult to manage the larger complexes with many units? 

3. If you had the knowledge you have now and $1M when you would you have invested? 

Look forward to your answers!

Thanks again.

I listen to lifestyles unlimited in addition to BP. They have an iTunes feed as well. It's called Learn Real Estate Investing Lifestyles Unlimited. They are out of Texas. Pay special attention to the Del Walmsley and John Ridgeway shows.  I've listened to all the shows while working on rentals or driving the car. Great stuff! 

Hi Lance,

It depends on your goals. As the yield goes up generally so does the risk and work for  a property.

You have to find that comfort level that is suitable to your tolerance.

For instance with 1 million you could buy a 3 million retail strip center putting 25% down. Have cash on cash in the mid teens to start with quality tenants and the rest for reserves. 

Thank you @Cory Binsfield I'm going to look it up.

I'm still just reading up but like to ask these questions to more knowledgeable investors such as yourself @Joel Owens  Thank you for your answer. 

Along with BP I also listen to the Real Estate Radio Guys. They have a great show and cover any and all topics concerning REI. You can download then on ITunes.

Check out my podcast " Apartment Building Investing" on iTunes or at ... I have 16 episodes where I talk about investing in apartment buildings or interview other successful investors.

Also, Joe Fairless has a Podcast Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever where he interviews real estate professionals about their best advice for their profession.

Hope that helps!

Investing for cash flow by Kevin Bupp is a great podcast with awesome guest with loads of information.  Another is creating wealth with Kevin Hartman.

creating wealth is by Jason Hartman sorry

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