Apartment building search

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How do you find every apartment building that has been built in a city or county?  Not just the ones for sale.  

@Michael Campbell I don't know of any way to look it up, but, if anyone would have that type of info it would be an experienced commercial broker who has been around for years

You may be able to get that data from the county recorder.  Many have online search functions and some record the number of units in a property.  Some have classifications that would differentiate between apartments and other types of buildings.

This varies by city and county. They all tend to use different systems and have different codes for zoning. Costar has a database but they charge a mint and it's not 100% complete either.

You have to dig in the database to find the properties. It's not easy but you dig through the dirt to find the gold. 

I have gotten lists of apartment owners from escrow companies in the past.  So I am assuming that they may have some sort of database.  Worth a few calls anyway.

Loopnet.com seems work for me. I can find most apartments and multi-families in my area (Oklahoma City).

Reach out to the city recorder office and give them the criteria and they can provide you that list. They might charge you some fee to provide those details.

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