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I am in the middle of aquision of a 10 unit asset in Ohio. I was wondering if anyone could suggest an insurance company

Hey Douglas, my wife works with many landlords in Ohio including out of state and out of country investors. She may be able to help you out.  

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@Douglas Higa  

Where at in Ohio? I can tell you my best policy for one of my larger multi's was "middle oak insurance". 

My agent really did some work and nailed me a "cadillac" insurance plans as he likes to call it. 

I went thru the struggle as my property is in an "llc", some insurances don't want to insure commercial properties in llc's. 

I have had good help from AJ Schmid at the Huesman-Schmid Agency in Cincinnati.

the property is in Dayton. Thank you all for the great help.

I use Ohio Insurance Solutions Mike and Zach have done a great job for me on my insurance policies. They're in Dayton, too.

We use James Dunaway at National Real Estate Insurance Group. He came well referred and we've had no issues thus far with him on our multi-unit here in Cincinnati. He can do all of Ohio.


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