Multifamily/Apt Buildings in Queens, NY

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Hello All!

I am new to and I was interested in networking with fellow investors, brokers, real estate agents.

I live in Manhattan, but I am looking for Multifamily/Apartment buildings in the following areas in Queens:

Astoria, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Woodside, Elmhurst, Ridgewood, Rego Park, Jamaica, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill/South Richmond Hill.

Ideally, with subway near by and off street parking available.

My goal is for passive cash flow and buying/holding.



Hi Ilona, 

I am currently actively looking in Queens and Brooklyn. I have a 3 unit under contract in Ridgewood and soon hopefully a 6 unit as well. Deals are tough to come by and most involve some sort of value add. It is rare to find a deal that provides much cash flow as is. Astoria and LIC are extremely competitive. The other areas I'm not as familiar with. I like to stay along metro lines. 

Good luck with everything. 



@Brian Zoubek  Thanks, I guess?  I'm not worried that I'll find something, no matter how long it'll take, just wanted to network on here with brokers/agents/etc so that I can get contacts...

Well you wrote investors so I replied. I also meant to imply that if you find something and need advice I'm happy to help/ provide insight. 

My advise to clarify was that:

1. Deals are tough to come by so don't get discouraged. 

2. You should perhaps expand your investment parameters to include some light to mid value add (Your statement of passive cash flow indicated they might not be). 

3. How familiar are you with the areas you mentioned? I would advise picking your two favorite sections of the list you mentioned and honing in on those areas. The markets are so different that it is easy to become overwhelmed if you look at everything at once.  

Team of Alaskan Success,Inc be of interest to see your criteria????    We are acquiring inventory, so feel free to contact us. I welcome all seasoned investors. We are new to tri state area. We look forward to your connection. Happy hunting, be prosperous and humble.....

I'm primarily a Brooklyn agent, but have access to listings in Queens. Let me know if you'd like to chat.

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