Where to find out of state Multi-Family property owners?

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I occasionally hear on the podcast about people getting a list of out-of-state real estate owners but it refers to SFR owners. Where could I find (most likely buy) a list of out-out-state owners of Multi-Family properties in my area?


I would be interested in this info too!!

In my county you can do the following.

Download the entire parcel list
Sort entire parcel list by property type
Delete everything except for the multifamily types (i.e. Duplex,Triplex,Apartment Building, etc)
Now you have a list of all of the multifamily units
Now you have to sort by owner address
Delete every record with an owner address in your state. Everything that remains is absentee-owned multifamily units.

If you can't find this list online, then you can definitely go down to the county and talk to people and they'll be able to get you a list.

@Kris Fox , I tried your method and LA county will sell you this information but it isn't cheap and doesn't include phone numbers.

@Jason Check out prospectnow.com.  They are about $80 for the first county and $10 per county after that.  I have used them before for direct mail and have had some success.  List seems to be pretty good and owner information didn't lead to many bounces.  

I use Listsource for producing this exact list.  You can build the list criteria, then see how many records there are are and what it will cost.  You can get the results in a CSV or Excel file which can be filtered by owner address.  Easy to use, pretty economical.

@Josh E.  and @Owen D.,

Did these lists include phone numbers?

Mine did not include phone numbers, but you can select that as an option.  Not sure on the accuracy though, since land lines are going the way of the dinosaur...

Phone numbers were included sometimes in prospectnow - some counties provided more info than others

@Kris Fox

I'm focused on acquiring Multi-Family Properties in Greenville SC and was wondering if you could provide more information on where/how to acquire the entire parcel list for download.  I look forward to your feedback.

Just google the county, find which court deals with it. Call and ask. It's ten times easier than everyone telling you what they do for their county. Each county is unique in how and what they do. So take heed!

Thank you all for the great info, I've been looking for that same data myself!  If I find another shortcut I'll let you all know. 

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