3 units, 4 units different from single family and duplexes in Upstate NY???

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I live in the finger lakes region, I have people telling me it's much more of a pain and hussle owning 4 units than duplexes. What are these pains and hassles? They were saying something about yearly inspections and tax issues. Are they right or can I just keep pushing and getting into larger pieces of property. These people say this and yet own 4 units themselves, it's kind of hypocritical don't you think? 

The question is what are they talking about?

Just call the building department in the town the quads are in and direct the question to them!!

Also Tell your "Friends" you don't know exactly what they are talking about and see if you can understand the explanation and then tell US

Are there any Real estate clubs or Real Estate Meet ups there that you can ask?

As far as I know 3 and 4 fam are the same. Its when you get into 5 plus units is when things get more complated. Pluse unless your planning on renting to section 8, I don't know of any yearly inspection.

what about duplexes vs. 3 and 4 units are there differences there? or does this work the same up until 5+ units?

I mean I could understand there being several "accommodations" landlords have to abide by when renting out to section 8, SSDI, etc. not that I want to accommodate, but whatever I'm not renting to them, so it shouldn't matter.

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