Big Money Small Apartments

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Hi everyone, I'm a new investor ready to get my feet wet. I'm a member of my local reia. I have 4 properties including my primary. All sfh properties. But my question is about Lance Edwards "Big Money Small Apartments". I'm thinking very seriously about purchasing his program. Can anyone give me some feedback if your familiar Lance? 

Hey, @Kaneem Curvey .  I don't have any feedback about his program, but I just finished reading his book.  I enjoyed the book and learned quite a bit since i have zero experience with multi-family investing.   

Don't know if you saw the following thread or not, but there is some discussion of his program there that might help answer your question or point you to some BP members who can give you more info.

I have read the book and found a great deal of helpful info. I don't know anything about his courses. I do however, own small multi's, all quads, and find them to be some of my best performing properties, almost double the performance of my SFR's.

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