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when it comes down to doing a lease option in miami fl how comes the sellers decide not to go that route....

1. how many people in did lease options in miami fl and broward county

2.what was your approach.step by step! 

Sellers want their cash.  A lease option as a purchase strategy only works when the seller has a need to sell.  It was a decent play when things wouldn't sell if you want to work the pretty house business, not so much when the average DOM is under a week.

You've got to think like a seller when you are trying to buy.  When I worked with the public, the first question I asked was "tell me about your situation" because if there wasn't a motivating factor in that answer I was off the phone in under a minute.  The most frustrating thing you'll run into in this biz is trying to talk an unmotivated seller into being motivated.  Just doesn't work.  

I like expired listings who already tried with an agent, and they still need to sell

90% of expired listings are overpriced so they don't sell

@Jimmy Cantave

Did you pose a question here?

haha, My sales pitch is "I'm a buyer at $(whatever price) these days...I'm doing rehabs so its cash offers at my number take it or leave it.  

I definitely used all kinds of sales tactics back when I worked foreclosures and bought almost everything Sub2. Way too much on how to approach a seller with creative stuff to go into here. Brian's teaches that stuff, though...

Honestly, I've never been into "selling" sellers.  The truly motivated ones don't need to be sold.  They have a problem, if you can offer a solution, they are generally on board.  The problem you are probably hitting is that you are trying creative solutions to people that don't have a problem that creative solution will fix.

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who should i get expired listings from?

Jimmy, get licensed it's easier to have access to the MLS, and if you do Florida lease options you act as a principal and not as an agent

Also search " lease options Brian Gibbons " on this site and you learn a few things about lease-options 

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who should i get expired listings from?

 There should be a list service in your area that can provide expired listings for a reasonable monthly fee.

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