Networking with MF investors in Fresno CA

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I am from Bay Area, CA but I will invest Fresno CA for the next few years (in fact, I am currently in a contract on closing my first 4-plex in Fresno CA) . 

I just want to reach out to local Fresno investors or out of city Fresno investors. Let's connect and help each other out in the future. 



Hi, Phat! I'm looking to start investing in single family and small multifamily with the BRRRR method in Fresno. I know Fresno is very street by street and I'm looking for C class properties in B class areas to value-add. I live in Sequoia National Park and I'm from an hour north of Fresno.

Just curious for those of you looking for multi family properties in Fresno - what kind of cap rates are you looking for? Also - what kind of cap rates are you seeing where you currently invest.. thanks