Good National Insurance Carrier for Apartments

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I'm looking for a good national insurance carrier that can cover mixed properties (SFRs and multi-families) in multiple states.  Any good recommendations?  Thanks fellow BPers.

@Bill Manassero I insure REI clients in about 30 states, and there is not a go to company that is also the most competitive in each market.

As an example, in the last year, I have placed coverage for 8 CA investors buying in other markets.  I have used 5 different companies to achieve the lowest premium.

Also, most companies willing to insure sfr are not the same competitive markets for larger complexes.


I would not recommend Farmers.  They may be a great insurance company for owner occupied properties, but they have been getting away from doing investor owned property.  I had a client who was considering switching coverage from their carrier and Farmers was 8 times higher.  I talked to the underwriter and he said they were not really interested in doing investor owned property in Texas.  They may be better in other states.