Building on MLS but agent said seller is not motivated to show..

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I saw a building on the MLS and figured that I would reach out and grab the pro forma. The agent emailed me back explaining that the seller must not be motivated because they never returned her requests for some of the information I asked for. Is that normal or is the agent dodging me? I figured the agent should already have some of that info ready to give but I haven't done this before so I am not sure what the usual is.


@Cody Barrett , are you an agent? Are you working with an agent? 

The listing agent only has what the seller will give them. I wouldn't say the agent is dodging you based on what you've shared. 

Have the agent ask them for it again.

Unfortunately I am not an agent. I reached out to one and they asked some basic questions in regards to what type of financing that I have lined up and I explained my situation. I wasn't sure if what i said scared them off because I didn't have financing right now. I told them that I network with investors at REIA's and might look to go with a few partners if the right deal pops up. I explained what I was looking for with some details. Then the next email was that the owner wouldn't answer their phone so he doesn't seem motivated, sorry.

I just found it odd that the owner would pay an agent to sell the property but not be responsive to the agent when they called for either information or rent rolls etc.. But I guess that could be the case and the owner isn't in a hurry to sell.  I told the agent to let me know if he does get back to you.  Guess we will see.  Thanks so much @Mindy Jensen

Cody B

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Get your own agent and have them contact the listing agent. Many agents, including myself will not deal with you directly and will only deal with other agents.