Building Security System Suggestions? Please help!

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Looking for security system recommendations for a 35 unit apartment building in downtown KC. Bootstrapping this project so wondering if I can install in phases and what other owners see as the essentials versus things that can be added later. Thanks!   


It is not clear to me what you are trying to secure. Is it the building, the units, the tenants, ??. Here are some elements of security to consider;

  Building Entry Doors Access Systems - How do visitors notify tenants that they are at the entry door? Can the tenant see & hear who they are letting in? Can you disable an individuals access when they move out?

  Unit Entry Systems - Peep holes? Door bells? Code entry? Key?

  Video Cameras & NVR - Remote access? Recording history? Property Coverage (internal & external)?

The 'best' security system is the tenants themselves so if there is a 'disturbance', they come out to see what is going on and if something needs to be done.