Multi-family educational events

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Hello all! I'm closing on a 71 unit this week to add to my existing portfolio of SFH-12 units. I plan on continuing to go in the direction of larger multi-family and am looking for any good events, either networking or education based, that's aimed towards multi-family. Can anyone point me in the direction of some of this good events this year? Thanks!

@Chase Gochnauer

Hi Chase,

we held an event this past November and are planning another one in October in Charlotte, NC!  All multifamily, with our team members, vendors and speakers.

Congrats on 71 units. 

I have never been to any other events, but I know Dave Lindahl puts together some really good seminars.


please pm me about Dave Lindahl. 

I suggest Brad Sumrock, Anthony Chara, or Jonathan Twombley. I have done events with both Brad and Anthony. They are both excellent. Full disclosure, I teach a full day private money class for Anthony's events. 

@Chase Gochnauer  Some great suggestions here. Think Multifamily is another group focused on multifamily education. There's a weekend training event Jan 27-28 in Dallas and others throughout the year. Full Disclosure, I'm a member and love the founders, Mark and Tamiel Kenney.

Thanks for the information from all. I'm also interested in hearing more about some of the classes as I'm trying to decide as well how to further my education and network. 

I would like to hear more from those who have attended and are not affiliated. 

There is also a group out of Texas called "Lifestyles Unlimited" where a lot of our firm's client also learned the ropes of multifamily investing. You might want to try googling them as well.