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One of my tenants called the City on my building. Not sure why. But anyway, they found some minor things (no smoke detectors in stairway, loose floor board, one of the wooden rods on the porch was broken. They also said I need to repair the sidewalk...on a street that is full of potholes (the hypocrisy)!

Anyway, they also cited me for work that was done prior to my ownership, and very likely more than 10 years ago. The first floor was duplexed down into the basement. When I purchased I thought it was original to the building as there is no other internal stairway leading to the basement (meaning there was only one exit originally).

Has anyone had experience with this? What should I expect?

@Ray Harrell

Can't directly about Illinois... In general, especially when it comes to landlords, buildings departments come down pretty hard. Usually, unpermitted work is a tough issue. Sometimes they fine you and make you rip it all out. The other possibility is that you have to spend the time and money to get the work permitted and signed off. They usually charge 3-4 times more to get the permits since it's retroactive. The other problem is that there's nothing to inspect since the walls cover all the electric and plumbing work. So, walls usually have to be opened up so everything can be inspected.

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