Does anyone have any experience starting a RV park from scratch?

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Looking for people who will to share their stories, on how they went about starting an RV park. If you or anyone who know has started one, please share!

There was a good podcast on mobile homes few month ago on BP.

And Brandon Turner just did one i think early this year.

Are you referring to RV or Mobile Homes?

With Mobile homes: from memory, it is not recommanded, it is to costly to build from the ground up. setting up the services for each pad, including driveways and path could cost you double then the land. 

Most Cities don't encourage them, so zoning would be an issue.

Imagine having 50 lots to fill? The "Nirvana" is to only lease the Pads and not own the actual mobile homes. you own the land and get paid for the concrete pad space they lease. 

In saying that, im not an expert in mobile Homes or RV parks so perhaps someone can in light us both.

From what I've read, RV parks are very costly to build and require a ton of work to keep up and running efficiently.  But it's definitely doable.  Check out some RV forums and a lot of the people on there can probably help you out.  I will recommend building one where there is either a tourist attraction or putting enough amenities/things to do at the campground where people wouldn't have to leave in order to have fun.  I think there are two types of campers. Those who use the campground as a home base while they visit an area and those who choose a campground based off what the place offers.  We have a travel trailer and enjoy camping, so I looked quickly at buying or building a small one because I thought it would be fun, then I realized it would be more fun to just show up, hook up, and relax!  Good luck with it if you do decide to do it!  

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