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Hey BP! 

Does anyone have experience and recommendations on banks in the Jacksonville/North Florida area that provide commercial MF mortgages? I have a few MF properties (range from $150-$400 per property) that I would like to re-finance along with a new property Im hoping to get financing on ( in the $2mm range).

Any help and direction would be great. 


Originally posted by @Hadar Orkibi :

I didn’t do business with them yet @Chris Wilson but I know IBERIA and Centre State Bsnk are in the market writing loans. 

Thank you! 

I have used Homebanc before and currently working in closing 120+ u it portfolio with them.  They were good to work with.  Best of luck!

Hey @Chris Wilson if any of your MF properties in the $150K-400K range are 4 units or less I would call Richard Demico with Atlantic Coast Bank. They're a local group and have been phenomenal with closing on several loans for investors I represented all the way up to tri-plexes. 

For the commercial side they have a different individual who handles those loans and while I haven't closed on larger deals with them I imagine based off of my experience that they will be just as professional in the larger deals. 

Feel free to PM if you'd like more info or if you would like a soft introduction I'll be happy to facilitate that. 

Joseph Hamaoui, Real Estate Agent in FL (#SL3330699)

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