Thoughts on Internet/TV Contract for 56 Unit Complex?

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Hey guys!

We were just presented a contract from Spectrum for an exclusive contract for our 56 unit complex in Fayetteville. Wondering if this offer is competitive to what you've seen in the market, particularly with the $150 per door up front payment. Many thanks in advance for your feedback!

Bulk Video & Bulk Internet w/modems included

$150 One Time Door Fee

55 Units

$35 Rate

6 YR Term

1 YR Rate Freeze

2 Set Top Boxes per unit

1 Courtesy account w/Video and Internet

@Hadar Orkibi

Hi Hadar

We just closed on 67 units and would consider anything above 50 units.  When you have several units in the market, I would also try to bundle them and try to offer as a package to the companies, those economies of scale we always talk about.

BTW great job with the reposition. Looks sweet!


@Gino Barbaro I have 80 units spread out in one market, I think I know the answer but would that be less attractive to a cable  provider or would they value 80 in one property the same way the would if those 80 doors were spread across 4 properties?