Looking for recommendations for property managers/brokers in NC

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Hi Everyone! I am going on a due-diligence trip to North Carolina in June (Raleigh, Charlotte, Winston/Salem, Greensboro, etc). Want to learn more about the market/meet people/drive around. The plan is to meet with property managers, city officials, commercial brokers. 

Looking for recommendations for property management firms that manage 100+ units B/C properties and are relatively large in size/have a long track record of success. Would greatly appreciate your thoughts! If you know of any young and hungry commercial brokers, I would love to talk to them as well. Thank you all!

@Julia Bykhovskaia You should check out the calendar for the REIA meetings and Deal Maker Sessions (go to MeetUp.com) for Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte. The Triangle Deal Maker Sessions is June 4. The TREIA (Triangle REIA) has about a dozen different meetings a month, with the main meeting being the second Tuesday.

@Adam Schneider Thanks for sharing about the local meetups in Raleigh.  It was a pleasure to meet you in Philadelphia a couple months ago.  

@Julia Bykhovskaia it was also a pleasure to meet you in Denver a couple months ago.  

I look forward to seeing you both at one of the meetups in Raleigh.  

@Julia Bykhovskaia I would recommend L&E  properties for the Charlotte area. I've done a lot of work with them and I believe they have 500+ units under management


I can second Brian's recommendation for L&E Properties.  I have six units with them and they are really great at what they do.  Heather Brock and her team are fantastic to work with.

@Julia Bykhovskaia if you are looking for a commercial broker for multi family properties in the Raleigh Triangle you definitely want to connect with Deaton Investment Real Estate. They are a big player in our market and have a lot of long standing relationship with owners in the area. I can certainly connect you with them if you are in the area.

I also work with Apple Realty and we have 600 properties under management in the triangle area. I would be happy to meet with you when you’re in town to help you answer any of your management questions. Message me what dates you’ll be here and we can set up a time to meet.