In need of a Property Manager - Lubbock, TX

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking to the BiggerPockets community on anyone that is using a property manager in Lubbock, TX that you can recommend. I am in the process of looking into purchasing some multi-family apartments and would like to speak to someone that has experience with managing properties as well as understanding the value we could get on value play items. I thank everyone in advance and look forward to the recommendations. 

Depending on how big the asset is I'd recommend Alpha Barnes. They're my go-to for management in Texas.  Hugh Cobb is a Principal there who I have had discussions with in the past. Very experienced.

Hello @Austin Hughes Thank you for responding. If I get my LOI accepted and eventually under contract, I will be starting plenty of due diligence process and I would like to have a qualified 3rd party PM assist me on grading the property and also to give me their opinion of how they would operate the property. To be honest, it is possible that I may end up switching property managers, but then again I may not. I would like to have a 3rd party let me know what they do differently than any other PM and also see if they understand the market and have better business practices than others or the current PM. If you have a PM that you could recommend, I would greatly appreciate it and will treat them with the utmost respect. Thank you again Austin and I hope you have a great day!

@Manuel Perez Tech Terrace Real Estate is the first that came to mind as a good fit. That is only if you're going to rehab the properties to be in the top 5% of options for renters. If so, they consistently get a premium for their rentals.

Otherwise, HouseChaser seems to have lots of rentals in that area, and they have great integrity. I know the owners of both companies. PM me for more info.