Free rent or discount for law enforcement

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I want to know if any has experience offering law enforcement, govt employees, etc. a discount on rent, or perhaps having a program where you let them live rent free (assuming a larger complex of course). Legal? Illegal? Pros? Cons?

How would you pick someone to live for free?  Kind of as a way of giving back without running afoul of the law. You may get multiple applications from law enforcement but it gets tricky on whom to pick from there. What criteria could be used or would it be better to have a non-profit select the person and pay the rent instead so it isn't directly affiliated with the apartment complex?

Best advice? Consult a lawyer who is familiar with the local rental laws. Discrimination or favoritism or preferential rates could definitely be a violation of local ordinances if not federal law.

We see law enforcement/military discounts everywhere so I'm thinking it should be fine. As far as city employees or something similar I am more worried about. Any more thoughts?

Its common to give discount for law reinforcement personal. even better if they can park the police car onsite. 

I would go with the discount offer, not free apartment.

@Sant Li. I would definitely not offer free rent. I may offer a rent discount if you are in a high crime area and if it is legal to do. I would be more likely though to find a way to market the apartments to law enforcement to increase the probability of a law enforcement officer moving in.

I give a discount to an officer at a couple of my apartments. They park their car out front and also do courtesy patrol for us. It's a low crime area already but it's extra insurance we like anyway.