60 unit portfolio deal

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Hello All,

So I received info on a 60 portfolio. They are 2 separate apartments which is broken up as 36 units for one and 24 units as the other. Should I combine the numbers to evaluate as one or get the broker to send me 2 individualized deals? Any feedback will help, thanks!

I would do it both ways. That way you can see which is stronger on its own merits. If the seller requires purchase of both and you move forward with it you could have a plan to sell off the worse performing one.

I always like to break portfolio deals down into the separate properties. Sometimes it can be a major headache if the owner hasn't been keeping separate books. Then you get into ball parking, rules of thumb and calculating per square foot.

As has been mentioned, I would evaluate each property individually and as a portfolio. One building may be operating better than the other and in some cases, the portfolio may perform better in aggregate compared to owning them each individually due to synergies of owning both.