Advice For Multifamily Market Analysis

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Hello All, I am currently educating myself in the area of ‘how to analyze markets/emerging markets’ and have been doing so for the past month to month and a half. My learning is based around multifamily apartments as this is my niche of choice and have been learning through David Lindahls books and attempting to put this information into action by researching data on different markets (state, to MSA, to suburb/towns). I feel I have a somewhat solid base of how to go about market analysis but am starting to worry that I am thinking to deep into the process or may be missing some key areas I need to look into. I was wondering if any experts may be willing to have a chat about the process I’ve developed and where I could improve or you may know of someone that I could contact to talk to about analysing multifamily markets? Thanks, Josh Oaten

Hey @Josh Oaten   this is an area of interest to me too. 

I didn't read David's book yet but its on the to do list.  Please do keep us posted what you find. 

There are many free reports you can subscribe to like :

Marcus & Millichap, , CBRE  etc. 

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@Hadar Orkibi

The trouble in CRE is access to quality data. Costar is by far the best source for US data, but it requires an expensive monthly membership. In the past, I've explored "up and coming" markets by pulling US census data and mapping areas with large population growth.

@Josh Oaten

Josh: Are you looking for data on US emerging markets or non-US emerging markets?

Well, I think that I cover it in this article in a bit of detail:

There are not a lot of markets left right now that haven't had a large price run up. The biggest trap to look for is a market that is seeing little to no growth, yet price appreciation.