New Investor needing Property Management in Indianapolis

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Hey everyone! Does anyone know of a good property manager/management group in the Indianapolis area? I’m a new investor looking at multi-family units in Indianapolis, IN and a couple other areas of the middle of the country. My real estate partner and I both live on the west coast and are looking for some help in that area. Any suggestions, leads, or advise would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks @Eric Bloom . I currently don't have recommendation for a PM in that space. I would further caution you about C four-plexes in Indy. They can be a great deal but there's a lot of D assets out there pretending to be C.  If you're going to go bigger than 4 it's typically a different manager or at least a company that has a team built for scattered site apartments. SS apartments are vastly different from residential mfam (2-4 family).

All the best man!