Billing Back Utilities to Multifamily Tenants

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I have just signed a contract to be able to sell Spectrum Cable and Internet to tenants. Spectrum has agreed to sell me their package at about half of the retail cost, and now I am trying to figure out the best way to bill cable and internet to the tenants. Should I add this to the overall rent when I market the unit, or should this be a monthly fee that is billed in addition?

I'm also looking at installing a smart water meter system to bill back water to tenants as well. Any idea how much these cost per unit to install? Also, is this something where the tenant receives a bill each month they need to pay? If so, I wonder if I should just send an invoice to the tenants each month for their water usage and cable bill. Thoughts?

Check out Guardian Water & Power, their smart (water) meters are in the $150/ea range (not including installation, but they'll arrange for that too) and do not require any involvement by the local water utility.

I would stay well clear of providing services to tenants. If they want cable and internet let them get it themselves. If it is not a profit center for you that has no risks it is not something you want to be involved with.

No way you want to be dragged in any child porn charges etc.

When it comes to utilities if you can not have them in the tenants name paying directly you are better off just raising the rent, plus some, to cover any anticipated costs and look into properly dividing the utilities with their own meters.