How can a non US resident invest in US properties

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Hi everybody! Im Yasir and im interested in investing in US properties. Im totally new to this market and would like to be guided if i can invest directly and if im able to get a financing. Plus what are the legal frameworks that i have to follow to get into this business. any help in this regard would be highly appreciated, links to read etc. 

and what kind of property i should invest in to get max rentals 



@Yasir Rahman , it's very simple to invest in the USA, compared to many other countries.

The basics are:

Set up an LLC , (Limited liability company), if you want some asset protection.

Obtain an EIN, (tax number) for the LLC.

Apply for an ITIN (personal tax number).

Open a bank account.

(Get an accountant)

Buy a property.

It really is that simple. America has no foreign investor regulations preventing ownership.  There are some tax things to be aware of but your US accountant can advise on those.

hello @Hadar Orkibi, yes i am not a US citizen, im based in Pakistan and i can arrange capital upto 200k to 400K, depending on the options. im looking for max rental and to be able to secure financing. As i believe through financing/Mortgage my Return against Cash investments are much higher.

@Yasir Rahman , there are various options for financing. Hard money is readily available. Once you have a credit score you can get financing from smaller community banks. Can take a bit of time but there are options.

We see it all the time.  Most over seas investors will come to the states and check out the markets they are going to put their money in.  Many times they connect with a Turnkey company.