West New York, NJ + Union City, NJ -- Multi Family and Mixed Use

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Hi BP,

I have been looking in Brooklyn, LI, and Harlem but have been priced out at this point and don't feel its the highest use of capital at this point. I currently own 18 properties in the Northeast and am now looking to pick up more product in primary markets surrounding NYC. 

A couple of questions looking for feedback here regarding West New York and Union City NJ

  • Does anyone invest in these areas and want to get a cup of coffee to discuss their strategy and successes?
  • Who are the top brokers and deal junkies here that I should get in contact with?
  • How would you recommend sourcing deals in this area?
  • Is anyone a wholesaler in this area that is looking to add a buyer to their list or partner up?
  • Is anyone a flipper that would like to partner up with a buy and hold guy.
  • What are peoples thoughts on this market overall?

All feedback appreciated.


Zach Feldman

@Zachary Feldman You're looking at very competitive markets with tight rent control rules. It might be slightly less expensive than NY Boroughs but still expensive market with NJ taxes in a tenant friendly State. 

Anyway, I hope local expert such as @John Errico can shed some light for you. Note, John also runs a local meetup in the area which you should attend.