How can I get a real estate mentor

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How can I find a real estate mentor in my area to work with me on my new project,,I am ready and willing to learn

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Real Estate Investor

@Carol Rivers , first i would suggest you get your self more education. podcasts and books. 

Clearly you need to listen to more of the latest Bigger Pockets podcast, Brendon and David answer your question in details. 

You asking a mentor to work with you on Your project, well i believe this is the wrong way to start, unless your project is a great deal/ opportunity for some more experience investor to partner with you. 

Have you joined your local REIA or investment group?

There are 2 main ways to "fined a mentor"

1. Pay for one, join a Mentorship program.

2. Offer value to more experience investor, but you will have to at least get the basics by reading books and listening to some podcasts.

Only way to find a mentor is through referrals. BP is a good place to start. But I would start attending local real estate meet ups in your city.

Have you been to a local REIA meeting yet Carol? That way you can network with people and look to build a relationship with someone who can be your mentor. I would agree with the others of getting educated and figuring out what you can bring to the table.

Learn as much as you can through podcasts, books, forums, meetups, etc. Build relationships with people and operators in your area. Let a mentor-student relationship grow naturally. I started from the same place as you are.... it is very hard to find a good mentor. But what I found is that with time and trust, these relationships begin to form with a much more solid foundation. You may meet some of your best partners this way. 

- JA