Apartment mailbox options

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After 3 months of rehabbing my first multifamily property (20 units) we are getting to the fun parts of the project, the details and decor!

The current mailboxes are located at each buildings stairway and are comprised of two 8 door boxes and one 4 door. The boxes are 46 years old and would need substantial work to restore. The new 8 door cluster style boxes cost between $1,100 and $1,400. My property manager has a 100 unit property close to mine that uses residential front porch style (non-locking) mailboxes and has for years. Does anyone else have experience with this? I like the idea of having 20 individual and affordable mailboxes.

I've never petitioned for one, but by previous apartments and current townhouses have a USPS owned exterior box system. Tenants go get a key from the post office and the post office repairs the boxes when needed. I imagine the USPS won't want to, but it might be worth seeing if they would.