Help finding nurses for extended stay housing

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I have a mentor/employer with whom i have been working with for about two years now. We recently got to talking about how he is having trouble finding tenents. He has a very niche buisness model that serves traveling nurses in furnished, extended stay rentals (week by week up to a year long). He is letting me help him find tenents by increasing the online presence. I have posted to zillow, craigslist, facebook marketplace and furnished finder. Does anyone have experiance in this type of buisness model or has ideas to find more potential nurses? Possibly a contracting with a nurse traveling agency of some sort? Any direction would be much appreciated.

There will also be an administrator locally whose job it is to help find housing for the nurses. I had one contact me but all our apartments are unfurnished. The nurses should have contact with this person or he/she should be known at the hospitals. All the best!

I'd recommend networking with some of the main agencies- most provide housing or assistance finding a place. You may also have success with targeted Facebook ads if you are nearby hospitals

Angela Russo 

I will run the facebook ad idea past the owner, im sure he would be willing to. I will have to help him set up a facebook account since he isnt into social media very much. I will look into contacting the agencys to see if there is more we can do then simply post to their website.

Bjorn Ahlblad.  

Thank you for your reply as well. I will talk to one of the nurses we have staying here to see if i can track down a local admin.

We've been renting to traveling nurses, contractors, oil pipeline workers, visiting/temporary engineers, etc.

Hospitals have administrators/recruiters, generally in HR, that manage the traveling nurse programs. They may or may not post jobs directly. We provided soft copy brochures to the recruiter and invited her to tour the corporate rentals in the apartment complex. She was thrilled.

Most traveling nurse jobs are posted by Agencies. Look for job postings in your area and contact the recruiter directly. I get the latter may be easier said than done on sites like Indeed, so go after the low hanging fruit like FB Groups--where they are forced to use their personal profile and generally include their direct email in the ad. There are also Traveling Nurse Housing Groups. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I searched Traveling Nurse on FB.

Furnished Finder has been an amazing platform for me to find nurses! I highly recommend them. I have a small 4 unit building and we have 50% furnished rentals for travel nurses specifically. I have found them to be quality tenants and Furnished Finder is growing as they were recently acquired by Apartments dot com. Check them out!