Looking for real estate agent for multifamily in Killeen, TX

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I am looking for recommendations for a local RE agent in the Killeen, TX area that has experience in small multifamily properties. We are looking to purchase a couple 4-20 unit multifamily properties. Do you know any good agents that have helped you close deals in this area? Any help is appreciated!

@Kevin Smith - I don’t personally know a commercial agent in the area but I do know a few residential agents. I’m sure they could provide me with a recommendation. I’d be interested to know who you end up with. I would guess most local agents have already sent you a private message but feel free to reach out.

@Kevin Smith same as Allan has said above. I have a few contacts out in that area. Believe it or not, I actually lived there for 10 years as a kid. If you would like my contacts just message me and I will connect you guys.